To The Doormat In Me

You have the right to say no.
Never apologize for your decisions.
Explain yourself only at your discretion.
Never feel pressure to defend your choice.
You do not need a reason to put yourself first.
Do not starve yourself to feed others.
Do not fear loneliness.
Serve you every day.
Say “no” today.
Say it again.
Don’t waste time trying to figure out who feels what about you.
You have the right to live for yourself.
Free up your time that was once full of undesirable commitments.
The kind of love worth a favor is counterfeit.
Do not become bitter when you see the love you gave was not returned.
Continue to love without discernment.
Cause no harm to others.
Make it a mantra for others to follow.
Fall in love with having a voice.
Become your favorite sound.
The love you seek flows freely within you.
Do what makes you smile.
Build relationships with those who won’t ask you to pay with your life.
Your love belongs where it’s appreciated.
Not to the highest bidder.
Originally written by Warsan Shire in “Women Who Run With The Moon.”
Re-written as a poem by Crystalogy


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