Social Media Problems Over Benefits: The Addiction

My faith in humanity has decreased over the way people act, and react, on social media. The constant cynicism, the rants, the over-opinionated and nagging comments, the narcissistic posts, the illusion of perfectionism—it’s all too much. We have forgotten ourselves due to the fact that we are vastly over driven. We have forgotten compassion, courtesy, … Continue reading Social Media Problems Over Benefits: The Addiction

Embrace The Crazy

"She's crazy. And just when you think you've reached the bottom of her craziness, there's a  crazy underground garage." I recently wrote an article titled “The Cure for Crazy.” I wrote it as a random spoof, but truth is many people judge “crazy” negatively—I know I have. In today’s critical society, we label anyone with a bit … Continue reading Embrace The Crazy

Single and HAPPY – The Signs That Solitude Could Be Your Thing

Just in time. As I depart for my second spontaneous solo road trip,  I come across this article by John Warwick at EliteDaily, titled “Alone Isn’t Lonely: 10 Signs You’re Perfectly Happy With Solitude.” He explains how we live in a society where we are pressured to actively pursue and desire relationships, and that being … Continue reading Single and HAPPY – The Signs That Solitude Could Be Your Thing

Child of Divorce Woman vs. Emotionally Unavailable Man

I’ve realized how I’m different when it comes to dating. Being a child of divorce, and my relationship experiences, has made me involuntary. I put a wall up from the beginning—a strong wall that will prepare me for the worst. I hate showing vulnerability, and I second guess my instincts—making them invalid and untrustworthy. Pretty … Continue reading Child of Divorce Woman vs. Emotionally Unavailable Man

Finding Canada

I know politics is a highly controversial and sensitive subject. Some people will most likely consider this article offensive, and some people will disagree with me completely. It is not my intention to offend anyone, but rather, to take a stand for freedom of speech and expression. I often hear the saying “there is no … Continue reading Finding Canada

The 12-Step Single Girl Bucket List – A Guide To The Rest Of Your Life

I posted this to Facebook one year ago and realized I have yet to finish. I wrote this bucket list after an unexpected breakup—via text—on my birthday. There are many reasons why breakups suck. This one was just plain dumb. We humans are hot‑wired to fear rejection. We literally, and physically, feel it in our … Continue reading The 12-Step Single Girl Bucket List – A Guide To The Rest Of Your Life

Opposite-Sex Roomates 101

You finally found a room you’re interested in renting. It’s in the perfect location. The price is right. Even the utilities are included! The catch is your new roommie is of the opposite sex. Living with members of the opposite sex has become more popular in our generation, but can it be done amicably? Before … Continue reading Opposite-Sex Roomates 101

I Love You – BLAH!

I recently told my boyfriend of three months "I love you." I should clarify – my ex-boyfriend. Yes, that ship has sailed. Me-being-me, I bluntly confronted him: “If I never said I love you, would things be different?” His response: “Well, you did say it.”… Sigh. Three months may seem short, and some people toss those words … Continue reading I Love You – BLAH!

5 Types of Assholes

I was once in a long term, committed relationship. Yes we were in love. Yes it was broken, and flawed, and fell to pieces. I’d like to think we were young, and made too many naive mistakes to build a mature relationship on. I don’t regret this. Statistics would prove many young couples not able to … Continue reading 5 Types of Assholes